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Brief introduction
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Polytertrafluoroethylene ordinarily called PTFE,is one of the most corrosion-resistant materials in the world. However it has its serious defects such as the hot expansion and cold contraction rate 10 times that of steel and the original cold fluidity(creeping) etc.,so that the corrosion-resistant equipments with thin linings of PTFE and reinforced by wrapped steel outside, which are produced in various countries, are most likely to be damaged, especially the linings during operations and no time limit for safety-operating can be guaranteed. This remains a difficult problem to be settled in the world. This invention relates to a particular technology, which tends to change the physical performance inherent in the linings of PTFE and enables it not to free expand or contract with the variation of temperature, eliminating all the harmful influences caused by creeping. As a result a satisfactory solution to the difficult problem mentioned above is achieved.

This technology has been approved to have the patent of this invention in China, and U.S.A. and Europe. This product as well as its technology, as the important export project, enjoys great reputation, frequently displayed in the International Exhibitions.

This patented product, characterized by its stable dimension, high quality and the lift-time far exceeding that of the like products produced in various countries, leaps to the leading place in the world. This product with a higher anti-temperature capability up to 250OC,can be used in any strong corrosive chemical medium over a long period of time. The remarkable social and economic profits are achieved.

This company and institute are willing to transfer this patent to every country in the world, provide complete set of production technology, different kinds of competitive and top products.
Range of application
Industry They are widely used anywhere, such as in chemical,petrolium,oil refining,pesticide,metallurgical,military industries etc.
Media They can be used in acid, alkali of any density of concentration,salt,strong oxidant, organic solvent and other strong corrosive media.
Temperature -20~250℃(-4~+482℉)
Pressure -0.1~6.4Mpa(Full vacuum to 64 kgf/cm2)
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